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Keramic art - cutout - Photo by William David

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 Hartblei Objektive

William David photographiert mit Hartblei

William David
10 rue des Tilleuls
France - 42000 St-Etienne
Tel.: 04 77 93 47 28
Mobil 06 80 32 39 21
Fax : 04 77 93 47 30
E-Mail: contact@laclique-abill.com
web : www.laclique-abill.com

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Keramic art - cutout
by William David
Prototype 4/120 TS with Canon 5D, Tilt 3¡, Shift 3 mm, ISO 100, f/16, 1/125 sec

"These lenses alow to exceed the possibilities of the 24x36 DLSR pro. They also alow a bigger flexibility of work and I can shoot without any constraint or brake. I can propose to my clients photos with a very good price/quality ratio if we compare to the view camera which shots are inaccessible for a lot of companies today."
William David

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