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the new Hartblei-Cam

Informations techniques
 Pourquoi shift et tilt?
 D'authentiques objectifs numériques!
 Optics by Carl Zeiss

Prototypes Hartblei
 Prototype 4/40 IF TS
 Prototype 2,8/80 TS
 Prototype Makro 4/120 TS
 Set 40/80/120 mm

 Logiciel Nurizon Acolens
 Mires de couleur et de netteté

Liste de prix

Whatsnew at HCam?

CanonCanon Road Show mit Hartblei HCam/Neuheiten

Lernen Sie Neuheiten wie die EOS-1D X mit 61 Autofokuspunkten oder die neuen High-End EOS-Cinema-Systeme für den Film-Bereich kennen , hautnah und in Aktion. Dazu viele weitere brandneue Produkte wie die XF-Camcorder, Powershot-/IXUS-Modelle, die neuesten EF-Objektive und Fine-Art-Großformatdrucker für den Fotodruck. Außerdem erwarten Sie interessante, innovative Produkte der teilnehmenden etablierten Premium-Marken aus der Film- und Fotowelt: Arri, Certon, Eizo, Globell, Hartblei, Hasselblad, Hensel, Nurizon, Phase One, Profoto, Schneider-Kreuznach und Zeiss.

Veranstaltungsorte/-termine (jeweils 12:00 - 19:00 Uhr, Eintritt frei):

  • 13.03.2012: Havelstudios Berlin Havelchaussee 161, 14055 Berlin
  • 15.03.2012: XSIGHT Mietstudio Groß-Gerau Neuweg 16, 64521 Groß-Gerau
  • 20.03.2012: Alte Kelter Fellbach Untertürkheimer Str. 33, 70734 Fellbach
  • 22.03.2012: Eisbach Studios München Berduxstr. 30, 81245 München
  • 27.03.2012: Odysseum Köln Corintostr. 1, 51103 Köln
  • 29.03.2012: K-Studios Hamburg Farnhornstieg 10, 22525 Hamburg

Anmeldungen zur CPS-Roadshow 2012

HCam - Hartblei has moved

since 01.02.2012 we have opened our new office in beautiful Allgäu
   Stefan Steib
   88161 Lindenberg
   Tel. +49(0) 8381 48 79 337
   Fax +49(0) 8381 48 79 179
   Mobil +49(0)171 8190 488
   Mobil Ukraine +38 096 4879191
   E-Mail s.steib@hartblei.de

   Skype: Stefan.Steib    LinkedIn: Stefan Steib

   Facebook: Stefan Steib

Hcam-Hartblei on Dinkel Openhouse
in München 09.11.11

[Openhouse bei Dinkel München]
Openhouse at Dinkel München

Again as every year: DINKEL has OPEN HOUSE on wednesday, 09.11.2011
starting 10am to 6pm Uhr, with HCam-Hartblei and our new products- HCam Charger and TS-E Klammer Long for HCam-B1

HCam Charger und HCam Klammer.

please enroll at
jasmina.paprikic@dinkel-foto.de or 089 / 55 21 81 15

HCam - Hartblei on Foodphoto Festival Tarragona 2011

Foodphotography -Meet the Pro«s Scene in Spain 29.09.to 02.10.2011
Hartblei HCam-B1 + Superrotators shown at PCP c/o Isarfoto Bothe in Tarragona,

Foodphoto Tarragona 2011.

Hcam-Hartblei on PPL Openhouse in Karlsruhe 20.+21.10.11

[Openhouse bei PPL Karlruhe]
Openhouse at PPL Karlruhe

PPL Info events have become a real institution. Lots of interest of our customers and new products with interesting features have motivated us to hold another event of the PPL Openhouse , this time also with HCam-Hartblei as guests.

So we present latest news and products on 2 days at PPL One stop in Karlsruhe. Studio and Store will become space for actions. Camera checking and cleaning by Canon and Nikon Germany Pro services, lots of talks with colleagues , exhibitors and PPL-Team. Expect attractive offers on both days !

Canon TSE 17+24mm tripod collar

[TSE Adapter with 17mm and D1sIII-HCam-B1-HCam-b1]
TSE Adapter with 17mm and D1sIII

The proPsolution TSE Adapter enables Camera shifting instead of Lens shifting with the new Canon TS-E 17mm and TS-E 24mm Version II.

The barrels are fixed with this spezial Tripod collar which is adapted to these 2 Lenses. Using the the Canon TS-E 17mm you can reach up to 124 degrees of diagonal image angle with stitched images. Compared with a single 24x36mm format shot you will achive an 11mm Wideangle effect.

The adapter is made of extra quality, black eloxed, milled aluminium. Dimensions:
19,0 x 9,5 x 3,0 cm , Weight: 370g , 3 Tripod threads 3/8inch Proudly Made in Germany, 5 Years of guarantee.

Content of Package: TSE Adapter, Reduction thread (3/8 inch to 1/4 inch),
Allen key for Montage, transport bag.

Price 490.00 Euro incl. 19% VAT in Germany ( netprice 411,76 Û + shipment, for EU add your VAT number at order )

Introduction price valid through 31.08.2011

Compatible Lenses: Canon TS-E 17mm/4.0 L Tilt/Shift , Canon TS-E 24mm/3.5 L II Tilt/Shift Recommended DSLR-cameras : EOS-1 Ds Mk III or EOS 5D Mk II

[TSE Adapter with 17mm and D1sIII]
TSE Adapter with 17mm and D1sIII

Hcam-RB/RZ-645 Adapter

High Quality Mamiya RB/RZ lenses on all modern 645 + 35mm Digitalbodies.
See the announcement (in English) on forum.getdpi.com the product page is here
(or click on the 2 images below), the text in English as a PDF is here PR_HCam_RZ_Adapter_EN2.pdf

HCam-RB-RZ_645 Adapter.

Hcam-B1 now with changeable back adapters

All new HCam-B1 cameras now receive changeable back adapters for all backs - Hasselblad V+H and Mamiya 645 (Contax 645 on order) - price will stay until end of june, after that will be raised + 300 EUR

HCam-B1 Adapter.

Hcam-B1V available

The new solution for professional studio photographers, perfect replacement for Sinar M Systems.


Hartblei on the PCP Tour 2011 in 6 german cities

With this roadshow the german PCP dealer organisation wants to give an overview of the product spectrum of the most important professional gear Suppliers. On show: the new HCam-B1v+ new Video Superrotators with built in clamps (80+120mm). Link to the PCP site
03.05.2011 München
05.05.2011 Stuttgart
07.05.2011 Frankfurt
09.05.2011 Dresden
11.05.2011 Berlin
13.05.2011 Hamburg
PCP Tour 2011.

Hartblei HFocus first Sidefocus especially for Photo Lenses

Hartblei introduces several new products : HFokus, HLens and the new HCam Versions B1i and B1v. read the full Pressrelease (in german-sorry) on Photoscala.de!
Photoscala Website.

Canon Roadshow, see Hartblei HCam and more

Canon Professional show on the Road: Meet the Canon-Professional-Service-Team in person on different locations in Germany. The show with free entry delivers Keynotes, Live-Shootings, Large-Format-Prints, Productdemonstrations and of course all the autumn new releases; life and "in color" touring from Fellbach to Köln during 16. November till 02. December 2010.

On the show there are Profoto as Premium-Partner und further Adobe, Apple, Certon, EIZO, HARTBLEI, Hasselblad, Leica, Nurizon, Phase-One, Schneider-Kreuznach, Wacom and Zeiss.

Tour stations are (open 12:00 am - 7:00 pm, free entry):

  • 16.11.10: Alte Kelter Fellbach Untertürkheimer Str. 33, 70734 Fellbach
  • 18.11.10: Botanikum München Feldmochinger Str. 75-79, 80993 München
  • 23.11.10: Umspannwerk Berlin-Kreuzberg Paul-Lincke-Ufer 20-22, 10999 Berlin
  • 25.11.10: Technische Sammlungen Dresden Junghansstr. 1-3, 01277 Dresden
  • 30.11.10: Union Halle Frankfurt Hanauer Landstr. 184, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
  • 02.12.10: Odysseum Köln Corintostr. 1, 51103 Köln

Here you got roll in the CPS-Roadshow 2010

Hartblei on Test at Diglloyd online

Lloyd Chambers opened his Test of our Hartblei Zeiss lenses to the public, added Updates and additional infos - everything you wanted to know about our lenses !
Diglloyd.com Website.

Hartblei on Foodphoto Festival Tarragona

Foodphotography -Meet the Pro«s Scene in Spain 30.09.to 03.10.2010

Hartblei HCam-B1 + Superrotator shown at PCP c/o Isarfoto Bothe in Tarragona,
Foodphoto Tarragona 2010.

Canon Road Show avec Hartblei Cam/Novelties
in 8 Cities 27.10.-19.11.09

Hartblei Cam.

Locations/-dates (all Shows 12:00 am - 7:00 pm):

27.10.09: Union Hall Frankfurt Hanauer Landstr. 188, 60314 Frankfurt am Main
29.10.09: Rhein.IndustriemuseumÐZinkfabrik Altenberg Hansastr. 20, Oberhausen
03.11.09: K-Studios Hamburg Farnhornstieg 10, 22525 Hamburg
05.11.09: Meilenwerk Berlin Wiebestr. 36-37, 10553 Berlin
10.11.09: Botanikum Munich Feldmochinger Str. 75-79, 80993 Munich
12.11.09: Vienna/Austria, exact location to be announced
17.11.09: Alte Kelter Fellbach Untertürkheimer Str. 33, 70734 Fellbach
19.11.09: Cologne, exact location to be announced

27.10.-19.11.09Enroll Link here

Launch of Hartblei Cam
- to be ordered and delivered right now !

After a long time of preparation: Hartblei plays with the big boys now. Look for more about the new Hartblei Cam here on our website, at our Dealers or on the Canon Roadshow from 27.10.09 to 19.11.09. see Link. And for those who have waited for a Hartblei T-Shirt desperately - will find this now here. ;-)

New Hartblei Range of Models available

München, 10.12.2008
We proudly present our new models with integrated Tripodmount/Stitchingclamp (parallaxfree Stichting even up to Macro) ,complete reworked mechanics Mechanik made of brass, new hardchromed Mounts to prevent wear and metal dirt on the sensor, Worldpremiere 2. Focusring with 120mm macro Closeup up to 75 cm and 1:4 ,further improved internal Antireflexcoating. The lenses are available immediately and can be rented at several of our dealers for testing. All Users of already sold (Zeiss)Hartblei lenses can have their lenses refurbished to the new status for 300 Euros each.

Neues Hartblei 4/40 TS

Phase One introduces Tilt/Shift-Lens first development of Cooperation with Hartblei

München, 03.09.2008
Phase One and Hartblei present the new 3,5/45mm TS on the Photokina Cologne 23.-28.09.2008
Link to Pressreleases :
Photoscala.de in german

pressrelease in English on Marketwire.com

pressrelease and Doku in English on Phase One site

Hartblei Optica est le département de haute technologie de Hartblei Kiev. Nous fabriquons des objectifs innovants haut de gamme, destinés aux photographes professionnels. Vente directe de nos produits par notre portail Internet.

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   Stefan Steib
   Hauptstr. 47
   88161 Lindenberg
   Tél. +49(0) 8381 48 79 337
   Télécopie +49(0) 8381 48 79 179
   Mobile +49(0)171 8190 488
   Mobile en Ukraine +38 068 358 411 9
   Courriel s.steib@hartblei.de


The new Hartblei-Cam
par Stefan Steib
Canon 5D II,Hartblei Macro 120mm,ISO 100, f/11, 1/125 sec

"Does it sound as if I'm enthusiastic about this lens? Yes, and with good reason."

Michael Reichmann of
on the Hartblei 45 mm lens

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