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The new HCAM HSS 8000 LED Flash

Hcam-B1 Camera
 A Revolution
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 Why Shift and Tilt?
 True Digital Lenses!
 Optics by Carl Zeiss
 Hartblei 4/40 IF TS
 Hartblei 2,8/80 TS
 Hartblei Makro 4/120 TS
 Set 40/80/120 mm

 HCam Master TS + HDS
 Color- and Focus-Targets
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 Nurizon Acolens Software
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Optics by Carl Zeiss

The new Hartblei/HCam is the Hightech-Fusion of Joint ventures in Lindenberg-Kiev-Venice-Hamburg. We manufacture innovative high-quality cameras, lenses, accessories for professional photographers and sell through our dealers and directly on this web site.

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The new HCAM HSS 8000 LED Flash.
Please feel free to contact us anytime with your questions.

   Stefan Steib
   88161 Lindenberg
   Tel. +49(0) 8381 830 82 64
   Fax +49(0) 8381 830 97 28
   Mobil +49(0)171 8190 488
   Mobil Ukraine +38 096 4879191
   E-Mail s.steib@hartblei.de

   Skype: Stefan.Steib    LinkedIn: Stefan Steib

   Facebook: hcam.de

HCam HDS Doubleshifterc
Stefan Steib
Hartblei 120mm Makro mit Sony A7RII,ISO 100, f/11 , 1/8 sec

"Does it sound as if I'm enthusiastic about this lens? Yes, and with good reason."

Michael Reichmann of
on the Hartblei 45 mm lens

"No visible lateral chromatic aberration, Essentially no distortion, Extremely flexible perspective control movements, Superb construction."

lenstest Hartblei 4/120mm Makro -

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