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Hommage an VincentVG, photographiert von Stefan Steib

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FAQ - Hartblei Superrotator lenses

Important and interesting facts about Hartblei Lenses and Accessories

    How much Carl Zeiss is inside Hartblei Lenses ?

  • Hartblei has always kept a direct connection to Carl Zeiss,during the devellopment of the protoypes but also at the momentary production cycle. After the first prototypes have been strictly examinated by CZ during late 2006 for quality and functions, we worked until march 2007 to fulfill the demands of these tests. Only after this, the lenses were launched. All lens elements are completely mounted in Oberkochen and are delivered to us in a calibrated status. Further all eloxworks for black anodizing the parts are made at CZ in Oberkochen.

    Which camera systems are supported?

  • Very simple - ALL of them ! Canon and Nikon mounts are on stock. But on a built to order base we can do about any other custom mount according to customers needs. We have all the mounts on stock and after order they are assembled to the lens. Further on a later date You can of course change your lenses mount, but for this you have to send in the lens to us for service.

    Which guarantee do we offer?

  • Full 2 Years worldwide and also after this timeframe we will handle defective parts or construction faults for repais on a very tolerant basis.

    How much do repairs and parts cost ?

  • All parts of the Hartblei lenses are made of full metal, aperture is pure mechanic, bajonet mount hardnickel covered. Incase a Hartblei lens should break nonetheless (by dropping it or water damage) we have our own service department in Hamburg to solve this cost effective.

    Will Hartblei extend their Upgrade policy to future lens upgrades also ?

  • Yes - at the launch of new models we will offer rebuilds to the newest factory standard for a fair and low fee to protect your investment.

Hommage an Vincent Van Gogh
"Cafe in Arles"fotografiert in Venedig

by Stefan Steib
Hartblei 4/40 IF TS mit Canon 5D II, Tilt 8º, ISO 3200, f/4, 1/30 sec

"Venedig ist unglaublich, so abfotografiert und trotzdem mit Superrotator immer wieder neu!"
Stefan Steib

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